Places of interest


Visit Lychnostatis, 1 km away from the hotel. An open air museum where you get the chance to experience the true essence of local culture and elements of traditional Cretan life. There you can visit the stone-made farm house complete with a traditional olive oil press where young ones can participate in making oil… and yes, it’s with your feet! With a raki distillery, wine vat, a bees and wax house and much more it promises a culturally enriching experience.

Cretaquarium: (10 km distance from the hotel)

A wonderful experience for those of all ages, a visit to the Cretaquarium will allow you to come face to face with a Tiger shark and other fascinating creatures of the sea. For some lucky ones an encounter with the famous turtle Careta Careta may be possible, since the aquarium cures and looks after injured sea turtles before releasing them back into their natural habitat.

The palace of Knossos and the archaeological museum of Heraklion: (30 km distance from hotel)

Home to the mythical Minotaur, a half man – half bull creature, the palace of Knossos is not a sight you would want to miss on your visit to the island of Crete.

The Palace features some of the best preserved wall paintings and frescos of antiquity. The combination of the original site, together with the restored and reproduced parts, will enable you to travel back in time and visualize what would have been taking place on that ancient site during its prime.

Spinalonga: 40 km

Visit the beautiful island of Spinalonga where you can enjoy stunning views of a superb and preserved landscape from the Venetian fortress. Once on the Island you can walk the streets of the village, which provided a safe home to one of the last active leper colonies of Europe.